Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back on the Scene


I needed some time off to attend to other things and get back on my Raw grind.

So I'm back!

I think what I've been missing are my lil' supplemental goodies that I coveted so much. You know, goji berries, coconut butter, all that good stuff. It made Raw more exciting. So I think this weekend I'll be placing an order, b.u.t for what, I'm not sure yet. Whatever it is though, it has to last, b/c if my sweetie gets his hands on some gojis or cashews, it's game over. They'll be gone in a few days. lol

So on Sunday my sweetie, babies and I went to Mecca (Harlem) to attend Parliament for Father Allah's physical Day. I was able to meet my buddy finally C'BS Alife Allah, who blogs on
Black to Nature: Adventures of an Urban Raw Foodist. We go back to the GI2MR and SoulVegFolk days (which I'm hopping back on Give it to Me Raw woot!) so it was really peace to build with him and his alikes. Gave me more motivation to stand on my square and keep it raw!

Purple Powder all day Son. LOL


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