Monday, March 2, 2009

In the Raw


So yesterday we set out on our Raw journey; we probably should've eaten the non raw food in our fridge the day before to avoid it going to waste. The rest of our day prior to dinner time was raw so...I'm going to chalk that up to a 'test run' =^_^= Back to our regulary scheduled programming.

It's frigid outside and we got blasted by snow last night-so much for that springtime feeling just yet. I did purchase my video cam, and may do a smoothie video today to put up on Youtube.

I've created a new account, so request me as a friend and subscribe so I can keep you updated on everything from raw food, to the lastest artwork, culture and life in the Boro of Queens!

Jael Devine on Youtube

So this morning we're feasting on a smoothie made of carrot juice, mango, strawberry, banana and a splash of banana/pineapple/oj juice.

Lunch and dinner will be salads and/or smoothies.

That's pretty much it!


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