Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Raw when Anemic?


Hmmmm....I think I'm anemic...again.

I have been in the past, especially during my pregnancies b.u.t if I am indeed going through anemia again, it will explain why I am so tired all the time.

Maybe I need to take an iron supplement or decide if I really do need to strive for 100% raw or not. When I was pregnant the drs tried to get me to eat red meat and THAT wasn't happening.

I will have to do some research to figure out my plan of action and how I can continue eating raw and getting the iron that I need in my system.
Any tips or ideas?


Anonymous said...

I was anemic only when pregnant, but this is quite common.
Have you tried tinctures such as yellow dock?

How many green leafy vegetables are you eating? Are you eating them with Vitamin C?

Do you include liquid chlorophyll, power/Liquid spirulina in your diet?

Do you do Blackstrap molasses?
I have been a vegan for close to 9 years, and only had anemia when pregnant. However, I have never been completely raw for more than 2weeks.

Where are you getting your B-12 from?
Are you sprouting beans such as lentils? They have iron.

Serenity Love Divine Earth said...

I go back and forth with anemia. It used to be bad and unchecked. So much infact, that I needed to have surgery and the doctors made me wait 2 months because I would require 3 transfusions. I have learned how to recognize it when it is starting to go bad. And I have found that iron supplements only make my poop hard and my behind itch. I juice a 1/2 of a beet and follow that up with OJ (same cocktail) for a couple of days and I'm right back on track.


Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

Anemia is something I've dealt with on and off. When I was pregnant and anemic, my midwives recommended Floradix Floravital (make sure it's "Floravital" which is vegan, gluten and yeast free and a touch more pricey). That helped tremendously.

Queen Infinite Wisdom said...

Peace Queens,

Thank you for your input and suggestions!

For my B vitamins I am taking a supplement as well as bee pollen. I also take a 'Total Greens' supplement which has chlorella and spirulina, etc in it. I found today a Superfood smoothie juice by Naked Juice (a rare gem)-I should've bought more. lol


Anonymous said...

Peace beautiful!
Like the first poster suggested, sprout some beans girl!
It's the cheapest remedy around! ;)

Makhai. said...

To absorb the nutrients from raw veggies, the most effective method is to juice them. The enzymes and nutrients zip straight to the blood stream and not only does it replenish, it also helps to remove bad vibes and toxins. Good luck with your fruit diet. I'm only concerned that fruits are very acidic and our bodies work best in a more alkaline environment. Give this some thought and research and maybe add some veggie juice to your fruit diet.
Peace Queen.