Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brooklyn-Day Five


I couldn't wait to drop this post today...This morning I finally got to use the ingredients I received yesterday. Whoooo!!! It was worth the wait, that joint was so good. It tasted like a Creamsicle but ridiculously purple.

  • One spoonful of Purple Corn Powder
  • One spoonful of Coconut Butter
  • One banana
  • Half of one mango (a whole one is fine too)
  • Water
  • Bolthouse Farms Clementine Juice

That yielded about 14 oz or so in my one serving blender. For more, adjust the measurements however you like. In actuality you probably don't need the water; I added it first (not that much maybe 2 oz) and on a whim I added about 4 oz of Clementine Juice last (hey it was on sale and you know Bolthouse Farms juices aint cheap).

Anyways, I'm really contemplating purchasing something this week-maybe bee pollen or Maca...or whatever. Haven't decided yet. After I peep out the health food store here in town I'll make my decision.

Ok so topic of discussin for today is Brooklyn (aka Medina). I was really game to move there a few months ago but I was having difficulty finding a place from 1200 miles away in Florida. Who couldn't love Brooklyn? lol I mean c'mon-there are an abundance of diverse veg*ns and even raw foodists in the area and it's nice to be able to have that network available to you where you're not judged as being an elitist. Plus I feel it's time to receive the knowledge of Self, and have my seeds do the same. I'm not feelin' the idea of them walkin around like drones 'deaf dumb and blind'...and it seems no one else is trying to prevent that from happening to them (cause they obviously don't know any better). Mama can't rock like that.

So next is just getting there-when, and how. Soon my friends, soon.

To end this entry I was readin' a blog by my ace C'BS Alife Allah called Black To Nature and I guess it stuck in my head long enough for me to put a spin on Soul II Soul's 'Back to Life' joint...heehee so that's my joint of the day:

I'm off to make a salad!

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I love this spot. Thanks to the Black to Nature, C'BS ALife Allah's joint that I found you. I will be back. You can find me at