Thursday, November 6, 2008

Picking Up Where I Left Off...

The premise of this blog is to better document my day to day life rather than use it to primarily drop science on raw foods and natural healing. Not that on occasion I may have to deviate from my regularly scheduled programming, but I'm choosing to lead by example this go round.

I've decided to pick up where I left off; I had strayed away from living Raw back to Vegan for about 2 months. I moved, completely fell out of my element, and off the wagon. Prior to that though, I had been high raw to 100% for 3 months. With some soul searching and transitioning, I feel that I'M ready to keep going on my journey for a minimum of 100 days. Of course I have no intention to end there, but I'd like to share with you my re-transformation as it happens.

So Midnight, November 8th marks Day One, and I'd like to note for the record I can't see a damn thing. My last pair of contacts have decided to rip within a few days of each other and my glasses won't be coming in for a while (anywhere from a week to three...yeah sux right?). I'm all up in my screen right now (lol) and hopefully with the right foods I can improve my vision in the next few months.

My left eye's Rx is -6.00 and my right is -5.50 (dayum! Yeah I know, thanks Mom for the crappy eyesight).


To Be Continued...

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