Friday, November 14, 2008

Unprepared-Day Seven

Initially I thought today was going to be a chill day; get laundry done, go back home and chill until about 6pm and then jet off to serve as 'support' for a semi quasi-relative's youth concert.


I was completely unaware of the schedule the person driving me around town had on her hands and I was gone from noon until 9pm. And the fact that 1. I was left at the laundromat damn near 2 hours longer than I needed to be and 2. she was running so late that I couldn't even go home and change I had to do so at her place. So nothing was prepared ahead of time-hell I didn't even eat breakfast (I'm more of a brunch kind of chica). What was I doing before I left the house? Knocked the hell out while my son took a his mid-morning nap. (!!)

So sadly today's Raw level was not high at all. I won't front; I felt like crap. Very sluggish, anxious, not wanting to even be there. Seriously I had to force myself to show on the outside (to those who weren't paying too much attention) that I was enjoying myself when I was really cussing out the MC under my breath for talking too damn much. =0_0=


So, today is over and I'm ready to bounce back full blast tomorrow. I will probably green smoothie it out all day to cleanse and get on my A game. Pshh, I couldn't even get my glasses today.


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