Saturday, November 15, 2008

Parsley-Day Eight

Peace to all my Righteous Readers!! Today I've keep it real Green. I wasn't in the mood for a lot of cutting, chopping, and washing today so this morning I made a Smoothie and the rest of the day I've been drinking a lot of water and Bolthouse Farms 'Green Goodness' juice (although it's thick like a smoothie as well). And you know I wasn't going to enjoy myself if I didn't share so of course, like always, my Sun had his fill of it too. Funny thing is, I can't pour him a separate serving of the same stuff into his sippy cup. Nope, he thinks he's grown and will only drink it out of my glass. lol Hey, but he's healthy so no complaining here. =^_^=

Today I'm going to briefly touch on Parsley.

Don't sleep on it! It does so much more than just serve as a garnish!!

Parsley is extremely high in Vitamin K; just two tablespoons of this herb contains 153% of your recommended daily dosage. (Without this vitamin, our blood would not clot. It can also help maintain strong bones in the elderly)

If there are any Queens looking to, or are already pregnant, this is a very crucial herb to incorporate into your daily meals (in addition to your pre-natal vitamins) since it is an excellent source of Iron, Folate, Vitamin A as well as Vitamin C.

Get creative with Parsley.

I've always chopped various herbs and threw them into my salads, but you can throw them in smoothies (I personally like the tropical themed smoothies with a small handful of parsley), salad dressings, Pestos, or a sprouted Tabouli.

And just to note, the flat leaf Italian parsley is milder in taste than the curly variety so that may suit your tastes better.

Try some, and let me know what you think!!

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