Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Silent-Day Four

Today I haven't been bangin' much music like the past few days...I've really been enjoying the silence. No roommates, no family all in my business; just the Seed and I (even though he makes his fair share of noise lol)

I'm happy to announce my shipment came in (yay!). I purchased some Artisana Coconut Butter (raw and organic) as well as raw purple corn powder. By the time it arrived I wasn't in smoothie mood, but it's definitely on standby for tomorrow.

Tonight I'm going to infuse some goji berries in my green tea which will serve as my nightcap (heh). I kept it real simple on the food tip with honeydew melon, an apple, lots of water, walnuts, and a quick salad. Hopefully soon if I can find the time I'd like to experiment and really get creative like my girl Blaq Berry. Love ya Chica!!

Lately, I've been thinking about getting the hell out of here. Like, as soon as possible. Michigan may be cool for some, but it's just not my style at all. Not only am I certain I am the only raw foodist here in town (which can have it's advantages), but there are few places I can go to get the goods I need. There's one health food store in town that I hope to get to later this week, but not a lot of organic foods for me to choose from. Who wants to pay a minimum of $10 for shipping everytime I place an order online? Psshh not I.

The folks here are another thing-culinary wise it's almost 'back woods country'; hot water cornbread, smothered chicken, tacos (don't see a lot of other latinos in town and I find that ironic), kool-aid (3 cups of sugar style)...I'm a City Slicker so that type of food never has been my forte. Not even my fam cooks that way. People will inquire about my food while I'm sitting down minding my own business eating my longans and when I respond the first thing they say is 'ewww'....and yet these are the same people that eat chitlins.

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