Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blood Glucose Pt I-Day Six


Right now I'm in the process of researching some foods that will help regulate blood glucose levels per the request of a family member. It'll take a lil' longer than normal to expedite since I'm still sans glasses but they should be in tomorrow (whoooo!). After I compile the list, I will post it here for y'all to absorb and share if necessary. =)

I was informed recently by this family member that due to the high levels of stress at work that she has been subjected to (sheit get another job!), her blood glucose levels had skyrocketed, and like all great Doctors in America, what do they choose to do? Rx a stronger medication. Gotta love modern medicine!!!!

Of course after much protesting from me aka bitching and moaning about how that's a bunch of bullshit I was asked to do some research. Coo'....just follow through with it is all I ask. But I can kinda see where this is going because it's not the first time I've provided information and it's never been heeded to. But I guess as long as this information registers with at least one person, it'll be worth it. So check back by the end of the weekend for that Knowledge! =^_^=

Today has been a very very busy day. I'm not a fan of doing errands that take alllllll daaaayyyy looonnng. Especially if they're not my errands at that. I suffer from anxiety so there are times where I am just ready to get home or at least spend a few minutes alone breathing in some fresh air in order to maintain my cool. Oooh and were some of the people urking my nerves today!!! I brought my smoothie with me today (another purple concoction) and someone actually asked me, "what is that today, dingleberry smoothie?" do you even know what a dingleberry is?


To be honest, sometimes I'd prefer to not even reveal my raw foodist lifestyle to people because of the sheer level of stupidity and ignorance they emanate. For truly inquisitive folks, I am always available to build or do research for you but for those who feel above me or view me as Elitist...I'm not the one stuck on stupid. You feel me? =)

And (yay!) I'll be placing an order back at for most likely some Maca Extreme. Got a 15% coupon in my email today. You know a sista loves some coupons!!! lol


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