Monday, November 24, 2008

Mentally Drained-Day Who Knows

Ok I'm getting tired numbering these Days.

Day=X from now on.

Peace Fam,
I really don't have a topic to discuss today. Not sure why either. I'm so mentally exhausted.

Sigh...the past couple of days have just been draining. Any bit of stress to a Gemini mind is like working double overtime on a never ending project that was due the day before. Today I didn't even eat that much. Just didn't feel like it. I did throw together a quick smoothie (mainly for the baby).

Tonight I'm just going to zone and meditate once the Seed goes to bed with some green tea and some R&B tunes. I didn't even watch Jeopardy tonight! Sigh.

Tomorrow I may try to get creative and make a spinach/parsley pesto to put over some carrot and cucumber 'pasta'. Let's see how that turns out.
*wink* Peace.

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