Friday, November 21, 2008

Busy-Days Eleven and Twelve


This will be a quick post, just to touch base and keep you all in the loop (although there's not much of a loop at this particular moment). =^_^=

I've started to paint again (yes yes I am considered a bit of an 'arteeest' *grin*). It's been about 6 months since I've drawn anything and probably a year since I last painted. Feels good, feels good. I'll be starting up an art blog I dunno, in the very near future.

Hmm let's see. My now 8 month old has just cut his first two teeth so his need for attention has skyrocketed. He's even hatin' on my painting by trying to climb on me if I'm laying down and bangin' his shoe into my elbow (he's so salty! lol). That's my Pisces baby though. *smooch*

Tomorrow I'm off to Detroit once again for the day. Anytime I can get to Detroit I keep my fingers crossed that we stop by Joe Randazzo's, which is like my favorite spot to go in the whole state of Michigan. A big ass indoor market with cheap ass produce. It'd be my Utopia if it were Organic, but I haven't found much of that in this state to begin with *pout*. Nevertheless, it's still a spot where I do some major spending. Go Joe's!

Had a fantastic smoothie today with a mixture of Mango Lemonade (Bolthouse's like crack I tell ya), banana, strawberry, and coconut butter. My Sun tried to jack it from me as always. You know, one thing I don't understand about that boy; well, he has a milk allergy but people like to feed him things when I'm not around. Last it was pizza dough (that surprise! had milk in it). He hasn't been able to keep down his baby food, but can drink my green juices, smoothies and lil' baby puffy snacks with no problem. He actually ate stuffing today with no problem (not that I'm bragging about that. Damn sure couldn't eat the mashed potatoes *frown*). I also put some fruit or whatever in a Munchkin Food Mesh Feeder and he will dehydrate the hell out of it. But he just cannot keep down Organic baby food. Maybe the allergen is still in his system. (hmmmmmm)

Note to self: Keep hard headed family members away from Seed. Especially with the Holidays rolling around.


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