Tuesday, December 2, 2008

All about Sprouts


Today I want to touch on the topic of sprouts.

I remember before I went raw and I would get a veggie wrap or sandwich somewhere they always had sprouts in there and I hated them. Looking back, I don't even know why. (I'm telling you, once you go raw your whole palette changes. Now I love them!)

This is an amazing food; alkaline and nutrient dense as well as rich in vitamin and protein.

Eating sprouts in your daily routine can increase your bone density thus preventing osteoporosis (especially if you're already eating alkaline), and will help alleviate both PMS symptoms and hot flashes for those going through menopause.

Remember too, that sprouts are abundant in oxygen. You can't lose with sprouts!

So everyone is already familiar with alfalfa sprouts and mung bean sprouts. But you can change it up with onion, red clover, broccoli, wheatgrass, cilantro, sunflower, etc.

I wish I could touch on the topic of how to sprout but I have not tried that yet. In due time I will most likely get one of those sprouters that will do it for me, but I hear that sprouting at home ol' skool style with the jars and such are pretty easy.

Check out Sproutliving.com for all the wondeful amazing looking sprouts I've ever seen and they also have sprout powder and edible blossoms. (yes, I know!)

Here's a video that Philip McCluskey did last year on his sprout salad and I'm so jealous. I'm going to one up him and enjoy my Big Daddy Sprout Salad in Central Park so haha take that! (the pic up at the top is a close up of his beautiful dish).

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