Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas and Jeebus

Fa la la la la la la la lot of crap.

In my 'old' age (or age of awareness I guess), I've gotten out of the habit of celebrating Christmas. I mean, let's use Dec 25th to celebrate my birthday even though in all actuality it was 6 months ago. That's what the 85ers are doing.

Christmas has never been about Christ and his 'birth' for some time now. If it was, then why do people become so agitated during the Holiday season and trample over innocent store workers because of discounts? With the way our economy is now, the shit that has been on sale since Black Friday still is, maybe even more than it was a month ago.

People like to pull out the 'Baby Jesus in the Manger' card when it gets heavy but there are no thoughts of Jesus when that credit card is being swiped. I'm not stressing myself out to buy an assload of gifts specifically for this day when it could have been bought the day before or day after and still hold the same meaning: at the end of the day it's something new to play with (or flaunt) and there's nothing more or less to it.

When I have a Toys R Us toy catalog flapping in my face (every morning!) at 8 am (while still resting!!) with little red circles, stars and check marks all over it from my then 5 year old daughter, I knew it was getting out of hand. I stopped getting into the Xmas swing of things 3 years ago but only put up half a front for my daughter since she was already accustomed to it.

But my lil' Moon is wise beyond her years so I was able to break it down to her. She's cool with not celebrating this season anymore at home, but if the rest of her 85 family wants to spoil her and buy a pink Nintendo DS then go right ahead. That's $129 I get to keep in my pocket for a little bit longer. Everyday is a holiday in our home.

For your viewing pleasure, I have included a YouTube video going into this post further and in more exact detail. Peace!!!

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Ensayn1 said...

Respect. This is the Truth and Rights most (85%) will not be able to see. Guess thats the blindness they suffer though they have vision, they have no sight!