Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Aloe Vera Juice!!!

That's about as creative as it's gonna get. lol

Peace Fam!!!

A lonnnnnnnnnnggggggggg 24 hrs later I have the info in which I know you crave. =^_~=

Aloe Vera Juice!

When I was living in Florida a daily ritual of mine was to take a shot of Aloe Vera juice both first thing in the morning and right before bed. It's an acquired taste, that's for sure but the way I look at it, it's more beneficial than those shots I took of Bacardi 151 in my hey day, right?

Ok, so why is Aloe Vera Juice so good for you?

  • Improves circulation
  • Regulates blood glucose levels
  • Promotes healing of bones and joints
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Defends the body against bacteria
  • Heals ulcers
  • Detoxifies your body
  • Cleanses the colon
  • Improves/eliminates constipation
  • Aids in weight loss

The recommended dosage is only 2-4 oz. a day. If you suffer from Crohn's Disease, colitis, appendicitis, or are dealing with any other type of intestinal issues, please consult your holistic physician.

I've even seen some sites where they do not advise using aloe vera juice while menstruating, yet with other sites, it's recommended. I can say for the few months I did take it to the head, I had no problems, even while nursing. Just listen to your body.

I do not remember the brand that I purchased, but it was in an opaque bottle and needed to be refigerated. Again, like with the coconut water, I do not purchase anything that is in an aluminum can or isn't 100% natural.

In other news, I have been reunited with my smoothie/blender cup. I feel so at peace. I was so lost without my smoothies. lol

This song is dedicated to my blender/smoothie cup. I love you...

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ChocolateOrchid said...

...lol :) I'm happy that you and your blender are reunited. Thanks for the aloe vera juice info. I think I may include this in my regimen.